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Following the recall, Philips Agrees to Stop Selling Sleep Apnea Machines in the United States

Following the recall crises that Philips has seen over the last two years, Philips recently reported that they will stop selling their sleep apnea machines in the United States. The decision, announced by Philips early last week, comes more than two years after the company recalled millions of its popular breathing devices (CPAP machines) off the shelves. The issue became about a toxic foam being released and ingested or inhaled by machine users posing potential health risks. You can learn more about the issue here on our local news.

person using sleep apnea machine
cpap machine

What are my options now?

If you are a sleep apnea patient and are affected by this news, we can help! As a sleep apnea practice, we specialize in Oral Appliance devices that are designed to treat mild to moderate sleep apnea. If you are interested in oral appliance sleep therapy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, contact us at 405-755-4450 today! Our dentist and team will be happy to assist you.


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